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Minority Student Athlete of the Year- D.O.M.E. AWARD

The Dubuque NAACP has teamed up with DOME ALL Sports to present this award.  This award is reserved for a minority student of color who has shown Hard Work not only in their respective sport(s) but in the classroom as well. DOME stands for Developing & demanding One’s Mental Excellence and that is something we want student athletes in the Dubuque Community to pursue and display for their entire lives.

Dome Award Recipients:

2015- Jameel Kelley

2016- Tatum Hallstoos

2017- Jalen Hildebrand

2018 – Aaliyah Waggoner

2019 – Cain McWilliams

2020 – Aliyah Johnson

2021 – Jayda Gooch

2022 – Maya England

2023 – ?

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