NAACP_March_2 In conjunction with the National NAACP’s “Day of Remembrance” on December 13, 2014, the Dubuque Branch NAACP held a “March for Justice” rally in Washington Park. Participants assembled in Jackson Park and marched through town to raise awareness of the issues present in our community and nationally. Marchers carried signs and including “NO JUSTICE NO PEACE,” “Black Lives Matter,” and “Hands Up Don’t Shoot.”  Once the group reached Washington Park, citizens heard speeches from activists and community leaders representing organizations including The DBQ Dream Center, City Council, Human Rights Department, Dubuque Police Department, 4 The People Inc., J4BG Family Counseling, Rock of Ages Missionary Baptist Church, and the DBQ NAACP. 

To close out the march, the Dubuque NAACP presented 8 initiatives to the community that would set the stage for goals during the the coming year.  The NAACP is only as strong as those who believe in the mission and are willing to put forth the effort to pave a new future, just as those who came before us.

This year’s the Branch decided to do a Goal Setting meeting to utilize the opportunity for training and to incorporate everyone in attendance in making goals for the 2017 year.

The initiatives are as follows:

1. Participate in Intercultural Competence training (ICC)

2. Prevent/counteract acts of hate.

3. Expand Ban-the- Box from City employment to an ordinance that
affects all employers in the city.

4. Encourage citizens and employees of the city to be members of Dubuque NAACP; Outreach to get more minorities involved with Dubuque NAACP.

5. Raise the minimum wage in the City/County of Dubuque and oppose state attempts to prevent local governments from raising the wage.

6. Support the Washington Neighborhood Association.

7. Promote anti-bias curriculum in the schools.

8. Follow Iowa City’s example and pass a resolution that says the City of Dubuque won’t spend city  money to enforce federal immigration policy expect for specific situations which would be necessary to protect the public.

The Dubuque NAACP needs the support of the community in order to achieve its goals and strive for more just and equitable stands for all. It requires the hard work and dedication of the community in order to create and sustain change. If these initiatives interest you  and your desire to improve the community in Dubuque, please contact us on our Facebook Page or email us. We will then assist you in finding ways to utilize your talents to work together for a common cause.

Hope to hear from you soon!